Site Launch and Welcome am initiating this website in commemoration of the 4oth anniversary of the establishment of Soka Gakkai International SGI)  Day, January 26, 1975.  The notion of liberality came to my attention from the work of the late philosopher David Norton, a profound thinker who was an admirer of the SGI and its current president, Daisaku Ikeda, who he described as a someone who “remarkably exemplifies” the “harmonization of diversity.”  I have become increasingly convinced that Mr. Norton elucidated and promoted development of a human potential that is essential for the survival of life on Earth.

I launch this website not a scholar, but rather as an ordinary citizen hoping to contribute, in even some small way, toward the realization of a more peaceful world.  There is no way to predict what response this humble effort will engender.  I hope for much input from readers and an ever-deeper unfolding of the concept of liberality and how it can be and has been used in a practical way to ameliorate people’s lives.

No doubt many questions call out for answers, such as how  liberality might prevail in situations of intolerance. I hope the active involvement of readers will help shape this into a living, breathing site.

Sincerely,   Andy Bruck

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